Boy do I love leather! It is a highly durable material with very specific qualities and a luxurious character. Leather, as a component caught my attention during my training in orthopedic technology. Believe it or not, I was trained to make prostheses, orthoses, corsets and insoles. I worked with various materials during this time. But leather was really the one I was drawn to.

I started a training, on weekends and school holidays, to become a cobbler and leather crafter. I did this for five years straight and when I finally graduated as an orthopedic technologist, I was free to start my own business. It took me two days. I was determined. I still am. My first business was mainly in cobblery. Which has taught me very much about the different production mistakes and wear and tear of shoes and leather goods over the years.

There was a downside though, I had to fix things, I had to make what people brought me. I loved working on the material, but over time it became very difficult to ignore my creativity. I wanted to design and produce. So it made sense that after some time I shifted my focus from repairs to production. I even started my own collection of leather goods and sandals.

My semi-medical training provided me with the correct information and education to develop footwear in a correct and ergonomic way. Also the theory behind constructions is very helpful in designing footwear as well as handbags. So it is safe to say I approach design from a more theoretical point of view where practicality and function come first, followed by form and aesthetics. It is my belief that something must be practical and comfortable first. A beautiful handbag that is unpleasant to use or impractical is in fact less of a handbag, no matter how beautiful it is.

For me this is a large part of the Les Métiers Du Cuir DNA. A lot of work is put in the designs and production, thus every aspect has to be worth it. It would be a waste of work if, for instance, the chosen materials were inferior. At LMDC, we make no compromise. Lots of work is put in, combined with very durable materials so the final product is supreme in every aspect.

Today LMDC stands for expertise regarding leather craft, the production and design process of leather goods and footwear. We have our own range of products such as the sandals with interchangeable straps, handbags, the home collection and accessories. We also still do leather goods production, for companies mainly.

All of this under the same name, Les Métiers Du Cuir, meaning The Crafts Of Leather. The name origins from the philosophy that over the years, I trained myself in various aspects of leather craft, from shoes, to handbags, to the most versatile range of productions upon request for an even more random selection of companies.

For now LMDC is a one woman show. Design, production, all of it is done by one person. It is a very personal approach that I really stand by. I love to have a strong connection to the production, the clients and the retailers. It is a luxury to be able to control all aspects of the LMDC brand. It is possible that the brand will grow over time and that a team will be formed, but for now it's just me.

Kiss kiss bang bang




p.s. don't be mistaken, no one should go down this entrepreneur road alone. Neither do I. I have an amazing support team, such as my parents, my brothers, my nephews, my family and friends, … who provide me with strength and help me chill when sh** gets real!